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Description of Everywhere Launcher

Everywhere Launcher is a sidebar app (edge launcher) that allows you to open sidebars by touching/swiping any screen edge so that you have your apps, shortcuts, widgets, contacts always available only a single touch or swipe away.

This app allows to have multiple different regions at the screen edge and each region can open up different sidebars depending on the gesture on it. This way you have all your content just one swipe or touch away, no matter in which app you currently are.

Main features

→ Add an arbitrary number of apps, shortcuts, widgets or folders to a sidebar
→ Add an arbitrary number of apps, shortcuts, widgets to a folder inside a sidebar
→ Arbitrary number of handles (touchable regions, whose touch open a sidebar)
→ Put those handles to the left or right side or even to the top or bottom of your screen
→ Many triggers (gestures) available (slide up/down/left/right, click, double click, long press) which will open a sidebar
→ Enable multiple triggers per handle (for example, you can open "all apps" sidebar if you swipe right on a handle and open "recent apps" if you slide down on the same handle)
→ Sidepages with search functionality and predictive search (T9)
→ Action sidebar - a trigger on a handle will DIRECTLY start an action, it can't be faster
→ Action folders - click the folder to open the first entry in the folder, swipe the folder to open the folder
→ Blacklist apps (you can disable this app in blacklisted apps)
→ All apps/contacts and recent apps sidebars/sidepage (recent apps work in Android >=5 as well!)
→ Icon packs support
→ Animations
→ Personalise the look & feel of the app => change colors, transparencies, sizes, styles and much more
→ Personalise all sidebars and handles at once and override the default settings per sidebar and handle
→ Tasker support for those who want to automatically open sidebars triggered by any event or whatever else

Other features

→ long press an icon in a sidebar to open a menu and show the app settings for example
→ style icons in sidebar => rename, change icons
→ different folder styles: stack, tile, action folder...
→ and many more... just try it out


Check out the homepage https://mflisar.github.io/everywhere-launcher/ or contact me for detailed instructions: mflisar.development@gmail.com


Any feedback, suggestions and improvements are welcome. Don't hesitate to contact me.

Special permissions

  GET_TASKS... to get recent tasks on Android <5... doesn't do anything on android >=5

I try to only add special permissions if they are runtime permissions, so I don't and won't add internet permissions. Following special permissions are optional and will be requested at runtime only (on android devices with android 6 or higher) and only if you use a feature that needs it:

  READ_CONTACTS... needed to include contacts in sidebar/sidepage
  CALL_PHONE... needed so make a direct call shortcuts
  WRITE_SETTINGS/READ_SETTINGS... used for special actions like changing volume, brightness and similar

Version history Everywhere Launcher
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.97
* Contact swipe action works inside folders as well now
* Selected a little darker accent color for a better contrast
* Changes main view tabs text size to also fit smaller screens
* Fixed activities action - creating as action and sidebar item should work again now
* Sending an email to a contact could have crashed
* App may have been loading endlessly in some circumstances after making changes to your contacts
* Changing global folder style did not do anything
* ...
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.96
* Implemented moveable handles again
* Improved screen state detection - app now reacts to immersive mode, hidden status and hidden navigation bar appropriately
* Tutorial texts may have been offscreen in some situations
* Open first sidepage item on search or enter click may have crashed
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.95
* Statusbar hidden state and navigation bar hidden state are detected correctly again (in full screen mode and if navigation bar is hidden via secure settings) after moving back to old overlay technique
* Opening the advanced settings of a handle did crash
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.91
Extended tasker/shortcut action to enable handle - it allows to explicitly select between toggle/enable/disable now
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.84
* setting for sidebar and sidepage background style: rectangle and round rectangle
* improves swipe hold detection - will work now without releasing the finger from the screen as well (just like the normal long press gesture)
* uninstalling other apps did not work on android pie
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.79
* Permission requesting updated to avoid some problems
* Fixed a crash when trying to edit an app that's not installed anymore
* Fixed a crash when rotating the device while editing a shortcut action and cancelling it's setup
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.74
* Handle style dot bar added
* First copy function added: copy sidebars/-pages
* Recent apps sidebars speed improved
* Backup import via buffered stream to solve import issues
* App names database cleared and entry creation optimised
* Allow empty handle names
* Big clear button on T9 keyboard was not working
* Notch support added - currently needs to be enabled manually though
* Handle drag&drop fixed on some devices (e.g. android 9 devices with notch)
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.61
* Contact popups - added labels to call/sms popup with multiple numbers
* Updating contacts after changes improved
* Automatically update contact images in cache if contacts change
* Small changes in the menu
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.60
* Disable hardware acceleration on android 8 or higher for widget views
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.58
State libary bug was probably the reason for handles that did sometimes not appear + side effect of keyboard not showing in this state
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.57
* Further improved supporting apps with multiple main activities (like samsung apps which are not respecting common rules e.g.)* More simple add item menu as the old one had sometimes had troubles on some devices* Editing an action did not display the current action correctly
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.55
* Editing an item has better labels now* Editing an action may have crashed
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.51
* bugfix
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.48
Removed hardware drawing for some devices that don't support it
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.34
* Shortcuts dialog was showing app name twice instead of shortcut name and app name* New apps dialog may have crashed if the app was installed again in the meantime* Auto delete uninstalled apps may have deleted the item from an action which may have crashed the app
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.33
* Creating new folders did crash the app
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.31
* Export improved: custom icons are exported as well now* Setting a custom icon for an app may have crashed
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.29
* New logging library had a bug that may have lead to crashes on app start on some devices
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.26
* Fixed a rare crash on app start on some devices* Moved icon transparency setting to icon tab* Add app/contact/action dialogs show running counter of items in sidebar/folder now* Handle setup view is now explicitly showing sensitivity
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.25
* Better support of sidebars with multiple columns resp. rows (folder positions and open directions adjusted)* Removed vector graphics to better support devices running android 4.4 or lower as well
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.24
* Adoptive icon added* Sidebar labels added for easier sidebar recognition* setting icon transparency: select a custom icon transparency for sidebars/-pages* Shortcuts list now shows app name as well and is primarily sorted based on the app name* Fixed possible crash when closing sidebar folders (with enable auto closing feature)* Fixed possible crash when trying to open extension app link* Handle vector graphics correctly so that those work on android 4.4 or lower as well
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.21
* New language: serbian, thanks to Vojislav Vlasic* New setting: double click delay for handle[: dangerous setting, but allows you to define the delay between two clicks being considered a double click* Improved auto hide feature* Added an advanced feature: enable advanced logging* Beta - visual setup: filtering added, drag and drop items in sidebars added, ...* Beta - setting: Endless scrolling: sidebars now support pseudo endless (circular) scrolling
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.16
Improved logging
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.09
* TASKER SUPPORT added: toggle/hide/show sidebar and open sidebar actions can be called via a tasker plugin now* Special actions added: for now, home button and recent apps button can be added as special action* Page settings: custom padding and fade mode were not applied correctly and immediately* Fixed sidepage folder height, was slightly wrong* Sidebar fade mode - overlapped items only: animation improved if directly changing opened folders* Small visual fixes in new settings views
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.05
* New setting: fade transparency* New sidebar fade mode: overlapped items only* Clicking empty space of sidepages will close opened folder or close sidepage now* Contact email support - popup shows emails now as well and you can select email as default click/swipe action* Changing sidepages grid size now immediately updates the edit sidepage grid size as well
New in Everywhere Launcher 1.01
* Sidepage: enter key will start first displayed item if the sidepage's search function is enabled* New setting: Sidepage section show counter: enable or disable it to show the number of items per section* Fixed a crash on android 4.1 devices when setting up handles* Fixed that sidebar sensitivity was in the settings twice which crashed the app if you changed it* Fixed possible crash when trying to setup handles
New in Everywhere Launcher 0.99
Fixed possible crash because of new fast scroller
New in Everywhere Launcher 0.97
* List values could not always be selected when customising single sidebars-/pages* Dialog notification and export: black theme colors fixed* Export only works on android 4.4 or higher, so the app will inform you about this now instead of crashing* Format of displaying counts in app changed from "#NUMBER" to "(NUMBER)"* Long setting names (i.e. the ones for the folder settings) are now split into title and subtitle
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